2. October 2021 Extemp Topics

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October 2021



1. Do abortion right activists have any hope for blocking implementation of Texas’ new abortion restrictions?

2. Should Congress raise the debt ceiling?

3. Can Joe Biden make the United States a global leader in fighting climate change?

4. Should California change its laws governing gubernatorial recalls?

5. Can President Biden trust the loyalty of Gen. Mark Milley?

6. Should the IRS be given more resources to combat tax evasion?

7. Should US soldiers who refuse to be vaccinated be discharged from the service?

8. Can Democrats succeed in passing legislation increasing taxes on the rich?

9. Will the Biden administration’s new vaccine mandates survive court challenges?

10. Is inflation posing a threat to the US economy?

11. Should the Fed break-up Wells Fargo?

12. Will Apple’s new product line boost the company’s performance?

13. Will Joe Biden be a one-term president?



1. How can states best combat the rising number of COVID cases among schoolchildren?

2. How did Gavin Newsom avoid being recalled in California?

3. What can the Biden administration do to improve the nation’s childcare system?

4. What will Larry Elder do as an encore for his performance in the California gubernatorial recall?

5. How will COVID-19 policies impact the 2022 midterm elections?

6. Who owns the greatest responsibility for the troubled American exit from Afghanistan?

7. What explains the decline in the US poverty rate?

8. What steps can the federal government take to increase the number of skilled workers in the country?

9. What will be the impact of expiring COVID-19 unemployment benefits?

10. What impact will California legislation have on Amazon’s controversial labor practices?

11. What can American businesses do to fill the many unfilled jobs they are advertising?




1. Is it wise for the US and the UK to help Australia to acquire nuclear submarines?

2. Is al Qaeda likely to gain a new foothold in Afghanistan?

3. Is Iran closing-in on its goal of building a nuclear weapon?

4. Can the “#MeToo” movement ever take hold in China?

5. Is Haiti’s acting Prime Minister responsible for the country’s President’s assassination?

6. Will Britain’s Prince Andrew face prosecution for his alleged crimes?

7. Can the European Union better equip itself to combat future pandemics?

8. Can Najib Mikati reverse Lebanon’s misfortunes?

9. Is El Salvador returning to its authoritarian past?

10. Will the resignation of Japan’s Prime Minister trigger catastrophe for Japan’s government?

11. Can India leave its caste system behind?

12. Do deepening ties between Russia and Belarus pose an increasing threat to Europe?



1. Which country poses the greatest threat to the United States as a source of terrorist activity?

2. What is needed to slow the arms race between North and South Korea?

3. What can Boris Johnson do to boost his sagging popularity?

4. What must the Spanish government do to resolve its disputes with the leaders of the Catalonian secessionist movement?

5. What must the Russian opposition do to place more of its members in the parliament?

6. What must the resistance in Myanmar do to make a comeback?

7. What must the Taliban do to maintain control over its territory?

8. What must the Philippines government do to help its schools bounce-back from COVID-19?

9. What accounts for the spike in electricity prices in Europe?

10. How can Qatar best take advantage of its important role in the Afghan crisis?

11. What steps can the world community do to avert famine in Madagascar?

12. What will be the consequences of the decision by a Mexican court to decriminalize abortion?