3. November 2021 Extemp Topics

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November 2021



1. Does the Supreme Court’s decision to let a Texas abortion ban stay in place signal that the Roe vs. Wade precedent is in danger?

2. Should politically conservative counties in Maryland be permitted to leave and join West Virginia?

3. Will opposing states be successful in their efforts to resist the enforcement of the federal vaccine mandate within their borders?

4. Is it time for the US Senate to get rid of the filibuster?

5. Is the US housing market headed for a crash?

6. Is the Biden administration overreaching in its efforts to regulate self-driving cars?

7. Is the growing success of China in space technology a threat to US national security?

8. Are mainstream Democrats losing faith in President Biden?

9. Is the idea of making Community College free dead?

10. Should Kamala Harris start thinking about running for President in 2024 in place of Joe Biden?

11. Should the NBA withdraw from future exhibitions in China?

12. Should President Biden nominate Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell for another term?

13. Are school board elections the key to larger conservative majorities in American politics?



1. What must the Democratic leadership in Congress do to bring Sen. Sinema in line with her party colleagues?

2. What can workers do to succeed in their efforts to unionize Amazon employees?

3. What can Republican opponents of Donald Trump do to prevent his running in 2024?

4. What must President Biden do to keep from losing the support of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party?

5. What will be the consequences of the House of Representatives decision to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress?

6. What must the Biden administration do to better position America’s nuclear arsenal to match potential international threats?

7. What problems will emerge from the increased desire of professionals to work from home?

8. What must President Biden do to get his proposed Climate Plan through Congress?

9. What must the United States do to address its severe supply chain problems?

10. What is causing increased natural gas prices in the United States?

11. What steps must the United States take to mitigate negative impacts from climate change on the US economy?

12. What steps can states take to make the process of election monitoring and auditing less influenced by partisan politics?




1. Can protesters in Sudan succeed in pushing the military out of the government there?

2. Is issuing COVID vaccine booster shots in richer countries before developing countries catch up in distribution an immoral act?

3. Should Brazil’s president be charged with crimes against humanity?

4. What accounts for Singapore’s runaway COVID-19 numbers?

5. Will China’s proposed abortion restrictions promote gender equity, as its leaders claim?

6. Who will likely be Iraq’s next Prime Minister?

7. Is climate change actually good for Russia?

8. Is Poland endangering its position as a member of the European Union?

9. Is it time we call the tensions between the United States and China a new Cold War?

10. Is Ecuador's decision to declare a state of emergency to fight crime an overreach of its police authority?

11. Is the threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq a thing of the past?

12. Will stories of a secret mass of wealth being hidden by Jordan’s King destabilize his government?

13. Will recent moves by Israel to directly engage with the Palestinian Authority result in progress toward peace?



1. What steps should be taken to help people displaced by the fighting in Ethiopia?

2. What must South Korea do to increase its independence from the United States in intelligence gathering?

3. What can be done to help developing countries produce more mRNA COVID vaccines?

4. What steps must be taken to limit gang activity in Haiti?

5. When will India’s farmers see results from their lengthy protests?

6. What must the Canadian government do to make amends with its indigenous communities?

7. What will be the consequences of Turkey’s call for Syrian refugees to return home?

8. How significant is the threat to the NATO alliance posed by closer ties between Russia and Turkey?

9. What must the opposition do in Tunisia to crack the one-man rule of President Saied?

10. What will be the consequence of a default on debt by China’s Evergrande?

11. To what degree will China’s development of hypersonic ballistic missiles threaten the security of its neighbors?

12. What can New Zealand do to achieve its goal of a 90% vaccination rate?