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NFHS Softball Committee Welcomes New Members for 2021

By NFHS on June 15, 2021 softball article Print

The NFHS is pleased to welcome two new members to the 2021 Softball Rules Committee: Dennis Crowe and Diane Smith. The NFHS rules writing committees consist of experts in the given sport or activity and each are nominated by their state association. The committee chair works with the NFHS liaison to prepare the annual meeting agenda, chairs the meeting, and guides the committee through the rules proposal deliberation process. Committee members represent one of the eight sections as divided by the NFHS By-laws. Each member obtains feedback from their section regarding submitted rules proposals. A member of the NFHS Coaches Association and the NFHS Officials Association also serve on the committee and represent their constituent group. Each committee member serves a four-year term.

Dennis Crowe Fick, Section 1
Dennis Crowe has been a high school, college and recreation softball umpire since 1976. In addition, he has been a soccer and basketball official for more than 40 years. He was appointed as Maine’s high school softball rules interpreter in 1992. Crowe  has been a softball coach at various levels, including high school, middle school and youth teams. He has been in public education for 39 years as a classroom teacher and is currently the director of instructional technology for the Gorham School Department, in Gorham, Maine. Crowe was previously a NFHS Softball Committee member from 2005 to 2008. Crowe’s four-year term on the NFHS Softball Rules Committee ends in 2024.

Diane Smith, Section 5

Diane Smith, an NFHS softball official in Wichita, Kansas, began her career in 1996 on a high school field wearing a borrowed uniform and equipment. She took direction from an experienced official just outside of the fence. After that first double header, she was hooked! By the end of her first season, Smith was working varsity games on a regular basis.  Over the past 24 years, Smith has worked various levels of softball, but her greatest joy is the high school game.  Smith has had the privilege of working 20 state tournaments and several championship games. In 2019, she became an Area Supervisor for the state of Kansas. When Smith is not on the softball field, she serves as a curriculum coach for physical education and human growth and development in the Wichita Public Schools. Smith has taught elementary physical education for 30 years.  She and her wife, Emily, enjoys spending time with their fur babies, family and friends. Smith’s four-year term on the NFHS Softball Rules Committee ends in 2024.

The 2021 NFHS Softball Rules Committee Meeting takes place in a virtual setting June 14-16, 2021.