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Preseason meetings represent an extraordinary opportunity to foster a dialogue among students, their parents and school staff – a dialogue that lays the groundwork for real collaboration towards healthier youth and stronger communities. Based on the course, Positive Sport Parenting, the NFHS has developed a Parent Meeting Presentation, which coaches are encouraged to use at their preseason meetings. This presentation introduces how the behavior of parents can positively or negatively impact a child’s sport experience.

Coaches and administrators can download the files below to get started.


Preseason Handbook – Resource from Engaging Effectively with Parents that provides a step-by-step guide to leading a preseason meeting

Parent Self–Assessment – 10 question assessment that evaluates positive and negative sport parenting behaviors and explanation of results

Parent Meeting Presentation – Introduces the course Positive Sport Parenting and includes the Parent Self-Assessment Questionnaire and results


About Positive Sport Parenting

Positive Sport Parenting provides information and resources regarding the importance of proper behavior by parents in school sports and the role they play in helping their children have a positive sport experience. The free course can be completed on

About Engaging Effectively with Parents

Engaging Effectively with Parents, provides a unique student-centered curriculum and presents essential techniques and methods for coaches to effectively communicate and interact with students, parents and guardians. This course features specific guidance for speaking, listening, and implementing a communication system, and provides strategies for dealing with problematic parents and guardians. The course provides many printable resources coaches can use in their programs. The free course can be completed on