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Veterans on Publications Committee Guide Success of Magazine

By NFHS on May 10, 2021 hst Print

This issue marks the end of 14 years and 112 individual editions of High School Today. The magazine, which is published eight times a year during the school year, began in September 2007 and has ranged in size from 32 pages in the first couple of years to a high of 72 pages.

When High School Today began in 2007, it marked the first time that an NFHS-produced publication was shipped directly to high schools across the country, and the first time that the NFHS had worked directly with high school superintendents and principals.

Until this past year, four copies of each issue (75,000 total) have been mailed to the high school superintendent, principal, athletic director and school board president. As a result of budget cuts related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the magazine is currently shipped to the athletic director at all high schools, along with a selected list of high school principals and superintendents for a total of 30,000. High school superintendents and principals who would like to receive a copy can contact the NFHS at bhoward@nfhs.org to be added to the list.

The success of the magazine the past 14 years is due in large part to the High School Today Publications Committee, a volunteer group of 12 individuals that meets twice a year to determine articles for the eight annual issues. Amazingly, five of the current 12 members of the committee attended the first committee meeting in May 2007 as charter members and have made ongoing and remarkable contributions for the past 14 years.

In addition, one other current member joined the committee in 2008, so one-half of the committee has been together the past 13 years.

The five charter members of the committee are Lee Green, J.D., an attorney and professor emeritus at Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas; Dr. David Hoch, CMAA, a retired high school athletic director and coach from Maryland; Steffen Parker, a longtime educator and music director from Vermont; Treva Dayton, a former staff member with the NFHS and Texas University Interscholastic League; and Brian Robinson, MS, ATC, LAT, now retired after a 30-plus-year career as an athletic trainer at a suburban Chicago high school and a leader in the National Athletic Trainers Association.

Now retired, Green was a professor at Baker for 30 years where he taught sports law, constitutional law and business law. He is one of the leading sports law experts in the United States. Green, who has worked with the NFHS and the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) since the late 1980s, has written the Legal Issues article in every issue since 2007 and has authored more than 190 articles in 14 years.

Hoch, who has been the high school athletic director representative on the committee since the beginning, is now retired after 16 years as a high athletic director in Baltimore County, Maryland – nine years at Eastern Technical High School and seven years at Loch Raven High School – and 24 years as a basketball coach at the high school and college levels. He has written more than 150 articles and works tirelessly to find others around the country to write articles for the magazine.

Parker was a music educator in the Colchester (Vermont) School District for 20 years and served in a similar role as band director at Rice Memorial High school in South Burlington for two years. He recently returned to classroom teaching after many years directing music festivals throughout New England. Parker serves as the performing arts and technology representative on the committee and has written about 75 articles – mostly focused on high school music and technology – during his 14 years as a member.

Dayton was involved in speech and debate as a teacher at two Texas high schools for nine years, served as assistant academic director and academic director at the UIL for more than 15 years and was on the NFHS staff for six years as the performing arts director. Dayton has written numerous speech and debate articles as a charter member and, like Hoch, has encouraged many others to write articles for the magazine.

Robinson was athletic trainer for more than 30 years at Glenbrook South High School in Glenview, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. Robinson chaired the Secondary Committee for the NATA for many years. He has written numerous sports medicine articles for HST and has worked closely with the NFHS Sports Medicine Advisory Committee to secure articles for the magazine.

In addition, Dr. Darrell Floyd, superintendent of schools in Enid, Oklahoma, and formerly superintendent of schools in Stephenville, Texas, joined the committee in 2008 and has written a number of articles from the perspective of a school superintendent.

Other current committee members are Matt Troha, assistant executive director of the Illinois High School Association, media representative; Tim Leighton, communications coordinator of the Minnesota State High School League, contest officials representative; Dr. Steve Amaro, CMAA, assistant principal, Freedom High School, Oakley, California, coach representative, Lisa Myran- Schutte, CMAA, athletic/activities director, Pine Island (Minnesota) High School; Peg Pennepacker, CAA, retired athletic director from Pennsylvania and current Title IX consultant, school board representative; and Jeff Henderson, EdD, principal, Center Grove High School, Greenwood, Indiana, principal representative.

Fourteen other individuals have served on the committee during the 14 years since the magazine was started, including seven who were on the original committee in 2007: Mike Phipps, superintendent, New Mexico; Joe Loomis, principal, Indiana; Bill Boyle, school board, Utah; Robert Zayas, media, New Mexico; Don Showalter, coach, Iowa; Kristie Corn, guidance counselor Indiana; and Tim Christensen, contest official, Oregon.

Seven others served on the committee along the way, including Ralph Holloway, principal, North Carolina; Kimberly Summy, athletic trainer, District of Columbia; Barb Skinner, guidance counselor, Indiana; Jim Vanderlin, school board, Indiana; Jeannette Bruno, activities director, New Jersey; Susan Bechtol, principal, Virginia; and Michael Schaefer, principal, Oregon