2016 Rule Changes for Girls' High School and Youth Lacrosse

By NFHS on September 23, 2015 nfhs news Print

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US Lacrosse has announced rule revisions, ranging from changes in overtime to new carding procedures for dangerous contact. Most of the rule changes are effective for the 2016 girls' high school and youth lacrosse seasons, with some additional revisions for equipment and uniforms effective beginning in 2017 or 2018.

US Lacrosse writes the rules for high school girls' lacrosse, and those rules are endorsed by the NFHS. The rules also govern collegiate club lacrosse (WCLA) and youth girls' lacrosse. In some instances, US Lacrosse provides some additional modifications to the WCLA and youth rules.

Noteworthy changes for 2016 include the implementation of the alternate possession to eliminate the throw, the introduction of sudden victory in overtime (first goal ends the game), and a new mandatory yellow card for dangerous contact.

Beginning next year, the NFHS will begin publishing a high school girls lacrosse rules book.

Read the full release from US Lacrosse.