Field Hockey Rules Changes - 2021

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1-3-1:    Permits the addition of the team/school logo or name on the goal boards permitted the predominant color of the boards are still dark.

Rationale: Permits schools to add logo to the goal boards.


1-4-5: Gives direction to head covering being worn for religious reasons.

Rationale: Adds language to the rule for freedom of religion without creating an increase risk of injury.


1-6-5: Gives clarification to the use of penalty corner masks being worn during the game.

Rationale: Gives states guidance for wearing of a penalty corner face mask during play.


3-3-10 thru 11 (NEW): Definitions added for Aerial ball and Legal sweep stroke.

Rationale: Clarifies the definition of techniques in the rules book.


3-4-4: Adds definition of a dangerous ball.

Rationale: Clarifies that the dangerous ball causes legitimate evasive action by a player.


8-1-1c:  Removes language referring to the long pushing motion along the ground.

Rationale: The long pushing motion along the ground is not refer to a any technique in field hockey.


8-1-1: Removed language concerning the hand stop by a goalkeeper.

Rationale: Removed redundant language and reorganized the article letters.  


2021 Editorial Changes

1-7-6; 2-1-4; 3-2-9; 8-1 Penalties; 11-2-3; 11-2-9


2021 Points of Emphasis

  1. Aerial Balls and High Balls
  2. Providing an Official Scorer and Timer
  3. Tackling
  4. Five Yard Violation
  5. Issuing Cards for Fouls and Misconduct