Instructions to Return a Cascade R Helmet for Certified Modification

By NFHS on January 09, 2015 lacrosse-boys Print

As you may know, Cascade Lacrosse has reached an agreement with the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) on a solution for the recently decertified Cascade R helmet.  

The solution involves a simple modification to Cascade R helmets currently in the marketplace. NOCSAE has accepted the solution and Cascade’s data confirms the helmet, as modified by this solution, meets NOCSAE certification standards.  

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To return a helmet for certified modification, enter your information by clicking the below link:

Upon receipt of this information, Cascade will send a pre-paid shipping label to you. Once you receive the label, put your Cascade R helmet(s) in a box (include your chin strap), affix the UPS shipping label and send the helmet to Cascade. You can 1) place your package(s) with your regularly scheduled UPS pick up or 2) hand your package(s) to any UPS driver or 3) take your package(s) to any UPS dropoff location or UPS Store. When the helmet arrives at Cascade’s facility, it will be professionally updated with the certified modification and a tamper-resistant sticker will be applied to the helmet to prove it has completed the certified modification. The helmet will then be sent back to you.  The modification is free of charge for consumers and retailers, including shipping.  Return time could vary up to 2 weeks once the helmet(s) arrive at Cascade.   

Please note that Cascade R helmets that have not been officially modified by Cascade do not meet NOCSAE standards and the certification will remain void.  

To see a list of frequently asked questions, please visit  If you have questions please email Cascade at You can also call Cascade Customer Service at 800-537-1702.