Water Polo Comments on the Rules - 2020-22

By NFHS on July 22, 2020 water polo Print

1-6-1 — A cone and/or colored lane line markers (both are recommended) may be used to mark the 6-meter reference point. Permanent deck markings or tiles are not required.

1-21, 1-26 — Players are now permitted to wear a soft padded cap but it must meet the requirements of Rules 1-20 through 1-24, and 2-4. Headgear is required by NFHS rules in some sports and is permissive in others. Coaches, athletes and parents/guardians should review manufacturers’ warnings about proper usage and performance limits of products.

3-20-2a — At least 15 minutes before the start of the contest, the scorekeeper shall be provided with the game official’s names and full names/cap numbers of each player. Games often begin with no names on the official scoresheet and frequently only first or last names are listed. This change clarifies that full names of all participants are required prior to the game.

4-14, 7-10-2, 7-11-4, 7-12-4 — Any time a referee removes the ball from the water is now considered interval time. This change follows current national trends of the sport.When the referee needs to remove the ball the game stops, which is an interval moment.

7-20 — A player that has earned a foul outside of 6 meters is not be able to shoot and score if a defender tactically knocks the ball into the 6-area area. This will discourage a defender from fouling with a few seconds left in the game and then throwing the ball to the other side of the pool. Previously, the ball would then have to be played where it lies which effectively ends the game on a tactical foul. This rule allows referees to restore the advantage that was taken away from the offense.